SSEESS Research Links Grantees 2016

April 5, 2016 SSEESS Research Links Grantees 2016

SSEESS Research Links is a grant aiming to enhance the collaboration between scientists from Sweden and developing countries under the umbrella of international Global Environmental Change networks.

As part of its mission SSEESS aims to strengthen the collaboration between Swedish scientists and international programmes, unhealthy initiatives, health and organisations working with global environmental change research. Of particular interest are the Core Projects of Future Earth, a 10-year interdisciplinary research platform aiming to provide the knowledge and support needed to accelerate transformations to a sustainable world.

To encourage scientists from Sweden and developing countries to be engaged in current Future Earth activities, SSEESS Research Links 2016 aimed to provide planning grants for consortia of Swedish based researchers and researchers in developing countries, to prepare proposals for projects that can be linked to a Core Project within Future Earth.

The review panel selected to support the following five research projects. Read more about them here