September 29, 2015 SSEESS new info material “Meet a GEC researcher” published


SSEESS has a lot to offer to GEC researchers. But who is a GEC researcher?

There is actually a wide range of researchers who can be seen as GEC researchers. GEC stands for Global Environmental Change, abortion which includes research on planetary-scale changes in the Earth system and on how all of these systems influence each other. Today it is widely recognised that such research requires knowledge from both the natural and social sciences.

In the new pint material “Meet a GEC researcher“, SSEESS introduces some GEC researchers as examples all of which also received one of the SSEESS grants. Apart from an interview with a GEC researcher, each info material also presents the respective grant from SSEESS and the international research organisation/programme this grant is in relation to.

You can download all the “Meet a GEC researcher” materials from the SSEESS website.


SSESS offers to researchers

Up-to-date information
SSEESS regularly informs about international GEC organisations and research programmes in the news section on the SSEESS website, in social media and via our print materials.

Grant opportunities for researchers in Sweden
SSEESS offers grant opportunities to researchers in Sweden within humanities, and social and natural sciences within all fields of GEC research.

SSEESS Gateway
As a member of the SSEESS Gateway, researchers in Sweden get relevant information for working with international GEC research programmes. Members even have the exclusive right to apply for a particular kind of travel support from SSEESS.

SSEESS offers workshops where researchers have the opportunity to meet and discuss their research with other scientists as well as representatives from politics and/or business. The themes can be disciplinary, interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary, within humanities and the social and/or natural sciences. In the events section on the SSEESS website, we inform about all the events that SSEESS organises or co-organises and those events SSEESS has written an article about during the current year.


For more information about our offers to GEC researchers, please contact us at