March 6, 2015 SSEESS invites Mark Stafford Smith from Future Earth

Today, price SSEESS organised a meeting for Swedish research funders at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences where the Swedish funders got the opportunity to meet and discuss Future Earth and its science programme with Mark Stafford Smith, sick Chair of the Future Earth Science Committee.

Mark Stafford Smith (Future Earth) in a conversation with Neda Farahbakhshazad (SSEESS)

Besides Future Earth representatives, SSEESS also invited representatives from

Participants of the meeting had the opportunity to ask Mark questions about how Swedish funding agencies could be engaged in Future Earth. Thomas Elmqvist, Rebecca Oliver and IngMarie Ahlström from the Future Earth Hub in Sweden, Dennis Ojima (interim Director of the Future Earth Hub in the US), and Salvatore Arico from UNESCO were also present to provide additional information about Future Earth.

About Mark Stafford Smith

Mark Stafford Smith is Chair of the Future Earth Science Committee. He is also Science Director of CSIRO’s Climate Adaptation Flagship in Canberra, Australia, where he oversees an interdisciplinary programme of research on aspects of adapting to climate change. He has more than 30 years experience in drylands systems ecology, management and policy, including senior roles such as Programme Leader of CSIRO’s Centre for Arid Zone Research in Alice Springs, CEO of the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre, and Task leader under the Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems core project of IGBP.

Read an interview with Mark Stafford Smith on the Future Earth blog.