March 2, 2016 SSEESS grantees at the launch of UN SDSN Northern Europe

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) seeks to stimulate the production and implementation of solutions to problems related to sustainable development by mobilising scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society, and the private sector. Recently Sweden (i.e. the Centre for Environment and Sustainability, a network organisation at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg) received a mandate to host the SDSN Regional Centre for Northern Europe. An official two-day Launch Event took place on the 25th and 26th of February 2016, in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can find the reports from the two days here, and a more general summary of the event here.

In 2015 and with support from Sida, SSEESS provided planning grants for Swedish research groups to, in collaboration with researchers from developing countries, prepare project plans, or proposed so called SDSN Solution Initiatives, with the aim of becoming part of SDSN´s portfolio of Solution Initiatives. The call was made in close collaboration with SDSN in Paris, and after an evaluation process within SDSN and a by a number of external evaluators, five research consortia received planning grants in the beginning of 2015.

During a period of six months the project plans were prepared, and in August the same year they were submitted to SDSN to be evaluated and presented to the Executive Committee of SDSN. The Committee endorsed all five projects, meaning that the proposals were of high quality, feasible, and relevant for the work of SDSN. As SDSN has delegated the handling of solution initiatives to the respective regional centers, the proposals have been passed on to the recently inaugurated Regional Centre for Northern Europe, for further consideration of the project plans.

The following four of the proposed Solution Initiatives generated through SSEESS´s planning grants were presented during a session at the launch of SDSN Northern Europe described above.

  • Ecosystem services supply and beneficiaries in the landscape: mapping for decision making and policy support Zahra Kalantari, Stockholm University
  • Citizen sensing to increase urban preparedness for climate-related challenges Sirkku Juhola, University of Helsinki, Linköping University
  • Less for more or more for less? Adaptation to decreasing resource availability in the Sahel through family planning and changing agricultural systems Jonas Ardö, Lund University
  • Sustainable urban transportation system in Kisumu, Kenya as a step towards resilient city Varvara Nikulina, Chalmers


Dan Wilhelmsson moderates the SSEESS organised session 'Solutions Initiative Show Case'

Dan Wilhelmsson moderates the SSEESS organised session ‘Solutions Initiative Show Case’