ISSC membership

SSEESS aims to increase the participation of Swedish researchers in international organisations and research programmes dealing with Global Environmental Change (GEC) issues.




The International Social Science Council (ISSC) is one of the organisations that SSEESS has identified as highly relevant for this work.

About SSEESS and the ISSC membership

The ISSC aims to strengthen the social sciences to help solve global problems. This also includes topics related to adaptation to environmental and climate change. Due to the importance of interdisciplinary GEC research and ISSC’s active involvement in this, SSEESS is an associate member of the ISSC. The aim of membership to the ISSC is to create a truly comprehensive representation for all disciplines and fields within the social sciences, and present a unified voice for the social sciences in tackling problems on the global stage.


Among other things, this membership gives SSEESS the opportunity:


  • to have access to ISSC’s global networks of member organisations, researchers and partners
  • to participate in ISSC’s flagship activities, including the World Social Science Report and the World Social Science Forum
  • to have privileged involvement in shaping new global social-science initiatives and discussions on the future of the social sciences
  • to shape the outcomes of global scoping and visioning exercises.

Further cooperation between SSEESS and the ISSC

To increase opportunities for Swedish researchers to participate in the ISSC programme, SSEESS financially supported two Swedish social scientists who got awarded within the ISSC Transformations to Sustainability programme in 2014.