SSEESS and Future Earth

SSEESS aims to increase Sweden’s involvement in relevant international research programmes, such as Future Earth, thereby improving Swedish and Global Environmental Change research. That is why it is also of great interest to SSEESS that Future Earth will produce, communicate and apply research results within Global Environmental Change.


Since the early days, SSEESS has been involved in the development of Future Earth in different ways:


Examples of groundwork by SSEESS:

  • Provided a part-time seconded member of staff to assist the Future Earth task team
  • Assisted in mapping existing global environmental change projects
  • Facilitated financial support from Sida to ICSU for implementing a series of regional Future Earth workshops in Africa, Asia, and Caribbean/Latin America. Thereby SSEESS secured the first financial contribution to Future Earth activities.

SSEESS connected Swedish researchers to Future Earth by, for example:

  • providing planning grants to Swedish researchers in collaboration with researchers from developing countries to develop project proposals in relation to Future Earth
  • disseminating information about Future Earth in Sweden
  • presenting Future Earth at workshops and seminars in Sweden

SSEESS supported the development of the global structure of Future Earth by, for example:

  • assisting in the establishment of the Swedish Hub of the Global Secretariat
  • leading a project on the organisation of national and regional representation in Future Earth.
  • participating in a working group on the regional organisation of Future Earth.
  • writing a communication document together with the Swedish Hub to show similarities and differences between SSEESS and the Swedish Hub of the Global Future Earth Secretariat. Download the document here

In the future:

SSEESS will continue collaborating closely with the Future Earth programme, primarily to engage Swedish researchers and stakeholders as much as possible in the programme and its results. SSEESS wants to achieve this by its grant opportunities, events, and distribution of up-to-date information about Future Earth.