Research programmes

We are currently facing rapidly changing environmental issues of global importance. Various international research organisations and programmes therefore seek to respond to these challenges by working together globally and across disciplines.


In this section, erectile SSEESS provides information about organisations and programmes dealing with global environmental change (GEC) issues to help researchers within humanities, the social sciences and natural sciences in Sweden to find suitable and relevant organisations and projects to get involved with.


Benefits for researchers involved

Core projects do not provide research funding but assist researchers with networking and planning opportunities across disciplinary and national boundaries in order to reach the scientific goals of the respective core project. Thanks to their achievements, these projects have the opportunity to raise awareness of their research and receive recognition among national and international stakeholders from research and politics.

International GEC organisations

International organisations have different roles within the world of GEC science, depending on their mission and the disciplines they cover. Some are based in the UN system, others have developed from academia, are independent research organisations, or are designed to provide policy advice or societal solutions.


Researchers have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and expertise to international organisations, for example, by working within core projects or being included as experts in international advisory and review panels. SSEESS helps Swedish researchers to find relevant international GEC organisations to get involved with.


SSEESS has already provided  grant opportunities to Swedish researchers connected to the international organisations below:

Future Earth
ICSU (The International Council for Science)
ISSC (The International Social Science Council)
SDSN (The Sustainable Development Solutions Network)


GEC core projects

Core Projects are large international GEC research projects that address questions of global importance and give important contributions to the science plans of the international organisation they belong to, such as to Future Earth, ICSU, ISSC and SDSN.


Each Core Project usually consists of an International Project Office (IPO) and a Scientific Steering Committee. Many of them also consist of multiple research teams and have an interdisciplinary approach. The size and theme of these projects can, however, differ.


Below, you will find a link to the Core Projects that are related to Future Earth. SSEESS has close collaboration with several of these Core Projects as many of them have Swedish participants, or even their IPO located in Sweden:

Future Earth Core Projects