April 8, 2016 Project Grants: Sustainability and Resilience – Tackling Climate and Environmental Changes

The Swedish Research Council, ask Sida, and Formas have joint in this call for research funding on the subject “Sustainability and Resilience – Tackling climate and environmental changes” of relevance to low-income countries. The purpose of the grant is to give researcher the freedom to formulate research idea, method and practice, and to resolve defined research task within a limited time.

The objectives of the call is to:

  • Strengthen Swedish research in the area “Sustainability and resilience” of particular relevance to poverty reduction and sustainable development, focusing primarily on low-income countries and low-income regions.
  • Contribute to capacity building in low-income countries.
  • Strengthen the capacity of young researchers in the field.

The Call will open April 13.

Read more about the call here.