December 16, 2014 Opportunity for research articles to get published in PECS Special Issue

Researchers and practitioners from the PECS network have now the opportunity to get their papers featured in PECS Special Issue in Ecology & Society which will

  1. elucidate and highlight the key theoretical and epistemological approaches underlying PECS research
  2. provide an overview of the current work being carried out in the different PECS case-studies and working groups, abortion focusing on the key insights generated in studying social-ecological systems
  3. present novel data collection approaches and analytical approaches that can ensure cross-site comparison in PECS
  4. provide an intellectual platform for other large international research networks to share insights and identify critical opportunities for coordinated regional social-ecological research

First paper published in the PECS special issue

The first paper published in an in-progress PECS Special Issue is the paper ‘holistic approach to studying social-ecological systems and its application to Southern Transylvania’ by Jan Hanspach and colleagues. It deals with a transdisciplinary assessment of current and future social-ecological trends in Southern Transylvania. The full paper can be downloaded from PECS’ Ecology and Society website.

PECS will be sharing the insights from this special issue as more papers become published and available on the Ecology and Society website!

How to get involved in PECS network

To link your research to the PECS network please follow PECS endorsement procedures. For more information contact  Albert Norström.