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On Friday the 16th of November our server was shut down due to a move of our data centre. If you sent in your application on this date you might have received an error message. All applications have been received though since they were merely delayed in our system and applicants should also have received a confirmation e-mail on the 19th of November. If you would like more information about this please write to

The Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences SSEESS offers project planning grants aiming to facilitate the formation of North-South research consortia within global environmental change (GEC) research.

 This programme aims to enhance the collaboration between Swedish scientists and scientists in the South in order to enhance the research and research capacity in developing countries, and to strengthen the Swedish research of relevance for developing countries. The focus is on Swedish collaboration with the three Regional Offices of the International Council for Science (ICSU), in Africa, Asia and Pacific, and Latin America and Caribbean. The overall scope of the programme is to address the Grand Challenges of sustainability in the regional context.

Programme focus: With support from the Swedish International Development Agency, Sida, the regional offices of ICSU are in the process of implementing of research plans that have been developed by scientists in the region. The research priorities have been identified as:

For Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Global environmental change including climate change and adaptation
  • Sustainable energy
  • Health and human well-being
  • Natural and human induced hazards and disasters

For Asia and Pacific:

  • Ecosystems
  • Sustainable energy
  • Health and well-being in a changing urban environment
  • Hazards and Disasters;
    • Special Vulnerability of Islands
    • Earthquakes, Floods and Landslides

For Latin America and Caribbean:

  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable energy
  • Natural hazards and disasters

For more information about the research priorities and science plans see the publications at the website of the regional offices (links above) and contact regional offices.

Swedish Scientists in collaboration with scientists from the network of the regional offices of ICSU can apply for networking support for a period of one year. The networking grant is expected to result in project plans within the ICSU regional priorities, which subsequently can be developed to project proposals targeting calls from the research and development funding agencies.

Applicant: Applicants for the SSEESS-Research Links Programme are individual researchers affiliated with Swedish research institutions, who collaborate with regional scientists on regional priorities (at least one scientist from Sweden and a partner from the region in question).

Required qualifications: The main applicants should have a PhD degree awarded no later than the closing date for applications in this call.

Grant amount and period: the grants of SEK 91 000 each (~ EUR 10 000), are awarded for a one year period of January-December 2013.

How to apply:

  • The application length is limited to 2-3 pages describing the research area and work plan for the project preparation.
  • The application should include an introduction describing the research area and relevance to ICSU’s regional priorities, a work plan, description of aims and objectives of the network building, and description of expected outcomes.
  • The attachments should include the CVs and publication lists of the main applicants and a proposed budget.
  • The application should be submitted by the Swedish researcher.

The application should be emailed to the SSEESS secretariat at:, no later than November 16, 2012.

For more information: Contact SSEESS Research Advisers; Neda Farahbakhshazad and Dan Willhelmsson

SSEESS Research Link Programme is a collaboration betweeen SSEESS, Sida and ICSU.


SSEESS is a collaboration between

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