December 9, 2014 New recruitments at the ICSU: Heide Hackmann will be Executive Director and Lucilla Spini Head of Science Programmes

Dr Heide Hackmann announced yesterday that she will step down from her role as Executive Director at the International Social Science Council (ISSC) at the end of February 2015 to join the International Council for Science (ICSU) as its new Executive Director on 2 March 2015. Moreover, stuff the ICSU announced that Dr Lucilla Spini, discount  a biological anthropologist with experience in international science coordination, viagra will take on the newly created post of ‘Head of Science Programmes’, starting from 12 January 2015.

About Heide Hackmann

Heide Hackmann is a social scientist with extensive experience running international research organisations, such as the ISSC where she has been Executive Director since 2007. During her time at the ISSC, Heide was instrumental in giving a much larger voice, role, and importance to the social sciences globally. After 8 years leading the social sciences at the helm of the ISSC, Heide has said:

“I have enjoyed eight rich and exciting years working for the ISSC, and leave with deep appreciation for the many opportunities afforded me during this time — to work alongside excellent colleagues, and to grow and develop my capacities in international science policy making. I am proud of what we have accomplished at the Council, and of having been part of raising the visibility and voice of the social sciences at the international level. As Executive Director of ICSU I hope to be able to continue contributing to this important work, and to help realize the ever-closer integration of the natural and social sciences for the benefit of societies all over the world.” (taken from the ISSC website)

About Lucilla Spini

In the role of Head of Science Programmes, Lucilla Spini will manage the development and implementation of ICSU’s scientific and science for policy initiatives, as defined in ICSU’s Strategic Plan.

Since 2001, Lucilla has worked on global environmental change issues, sustainable development and research coordination for a number of international organisations, including UNESCO, UNU, and the FAO, and on bridging science and policy. She is currently a Giorgio Ruffolo Research Fellow in the Sustainability Science Programme at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Her research focuses on science capacity-building, sustainable development and the water/health nexus.