February 6, 2015 IMBER publishes a decision support tool for response to global change in marine systems

At the beginning of 2015, buy IMBER published an integrated assessment framework providing lessons on how the natural, social and governance systems respond to the challenges of global change. This decision support tool builds on knowledge learned from past experience of responses to global change in marine systems.

Fish and Fisheries_IMBERThe aim of this framework is to enable decision-makers, researchers, managers and local stakeholders to:

  • make decisions efficiently
  • triage and improve their responses
  • evaluate where to most effectively allocate resources to reduce vulnerability and enhance resilience of coastal people


Fisheries, which suffer from multiple pressures, are the current focus of the proposed framework, but it could be applied to a wide range of other global change issues, too.

You will get access to the publication at the IMBER website.