February 6, 2016 IMBER ClimEco5 Summer School August 2016

IMBER ClimEco5 will bring together a diverse group of students and early career scientists (up to ten years post PhD graduation) with natural and social science backgrounds. If you are interested in modelling and interpreting change in marine systems and finding out about practical ways of dealing with the challenges arising from working across social and natural science disciplines, sickness then this is the summer school for you!

The summer school will be held in Natal, Brazil from 10-17 August 2016.

Please go to http://www.imber.info/index.php/Early-Career/IMBER-Summer-Schools/ClimEco5-August-2016-Natal-Brazil for details of the programme and lecturers, and to download the application form.

The application deadline is 31 March 2016.