December 12, 2014 IGBPs latest “Global Change” magazine features a special section on carbon

Global Change No 83The International Geosphere-Biosphere programme (IGBP) published its 83th “Global Change” magazine on the IGBP website on 3 December 2014.

In this issue with a special focus on carbon, cialis you can read more about:

  • the mitigation of black carbon emissions
  • the effect of the 2010-2011 La Niña event on global carbon sinks
  • peak greenhouse-gas emissions in China

The issue also includes a feature on how past human experience could inform current and future policies.

Read the full magazine at the IGBP website.

About IGBP

Launched in 1987, case IGBP was the first major international research programme to study the Earth system. IGBP coordinates international research on global-scale and regional-scale interactions between Earth’s biological, chemical, physical and socio-economic systems.