June 22, 2016 ICSU and Sida – Leading integrated research for Agenda 2030 in Africa

ICSU just signed a five-year agreement with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) to work with NASAC and ISSC to support integrated science in Africa.

The programme entitled Leading integrated research for Agenda 2030 in Africa seeks to develop the potential of next-generation scientists in Africa in production and communication of solution-oriented knowledge required for addressing complex regional sustainability challenges.

The programme will provide two-year collaborative research grants (each 90 000 Euro/2 years) with a thematic focus on global environmental change, hospital disaster risk reduction, sustainable energy, human health and well-being in urban environments and related nexus issues. The grants are intended to support integrated and solutions-oriented research by reaching across disciplines, and engaging with other knowledge partners (e.g. civil society, policy makers, and private sector). The grants are expected to foster research collaboration among early-career scientists in Africa, with an emphasis on researchers based in low income countries.
The programme will also provide training for early career scientists on co-design and co-production, science communication and science advice to governments.
Annual events will be organized to promote scientific exchange and provide opportunities for South-South and North-South research collaboration. Outstanding early career scientists will also have opportunities for career development through participation in international scientific committees and conferences, working groups, and inter-governmental policy processes.

Visit the programme’s pages for more information about the programme.