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SSEESS Research Links is a grant aiming to enhance the collaboration between scientists affiliated with a Swedish research institute and scientists from developing countries who together conduct research on Global Environmental Change (GEC). This grant is expected to help such North–South collaborations to have a long legacy.

The focus areas of SSEESS Research Links can differ from year to year. When applying for a grant, therefore, make sure that you fulfil the criteria for that year.


Userguide for SSEESS application portal

Research Links 2016

Questionnaire for Future Earth Core Projects

Focus areas/research topics for ‘SSEESS Research Links 2016’


As part of its mission SSEESS aims to strengthen the collaboration between Swedish scientists and international programmes, initiatives, and organisations working with global environmental change research. Of particular interest are the core projects of Future Earth, a 10-year interdisciplinary research platform aiming to provide the knowledge and support needed to accelerate transformations to a sustainable world (see: for more information).

To encourage scientists from Sweden and developing countries to be engaged in current Future Earth activities, SSEESS provides planning grants for consortia based on Swedish based researchers and researcher in developing countries, to prepare proposals for projects that can be linked to the above mentioned core projects. Please note that the main applicant must be affiliated to a Swedish University.

In the review of the applications special attention will be given to:


  • prospects for that the planning grant results in feasible project plans
  • prospects for  collaboration with, or incorporation in,  Future Earth Core Projects
  • prospects for long term collaboration between researchers in Sweden and developing countries

Deadline for application is February 15, 2016. 


How to apply

Please visit the SSEESS application portal.

On the portal you will be able to:

  • create an account
  • edit personal data
  • create new applications
  • edit applications
  • access all previous submitted applications.

For detailed instructions, please read the printable guidelines.


Please note that the questionnaire of the application performed by the relevant Future Earth Core Project should be submitted to SSEESS no later than February 15. The questionnaire should be submitted by the Core Project, not buy the applicant. The document can be downloaded in the right menu.


For further information or questions about the application portal or if you encounter any problems, please contact  Dan Wilhelmsson or Kim von Hackwitz