Research Links 2015

Research-linksWe are pleased to announce the accepted proposals for 2015.

SSEESS Research Links

This grant aims to enhance the collaboration between scientists affiliated with a Swedish research institute and scientists from developing countries who together conduct research on Global Environmental Change (GEC). This grant is expected to help such North–South collaborations to have a long legacy.


The focus areas of SSEESS Research Links can differ from year to year.

Focus areas 2015

The 2015 grants supported especially those research collaborations that follow the following four research priorities which will also fall under the umbrella of the Future Earth initiative:

  • Global environmental change including climate change and adaptation
  • Urban health and wellbeing in a changing environment
  • Sustainable energy
  • Natural and human induced hazards and disaster risk management

Grantees and their proposals

  • Agneta Andersson, Umeå UniversityEffects of global change variables on phytoplankton in the northern and southern hemispheres
  • Kevin Bishop, SLUGreen Development Plans: Through the Lens of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Sam Dupont, Göteborg UniversityCapacity building for ocean acidification research, adaptation and mitigation in Africa
  • Malin Kylander, Stockholm University  Reconstructing Past Mineral Dust Deposition and Effective Humidity Variations in Southern Africa
  • Steve Lyon, Stockholm UniversityEnsuring disaster risk reduction via sustainable wetland development in Zambia
  • Maria Nilsson, Umeå University Climate change and health – a platform for research, policy and practice in Central America
  • Jonas Olsson, SMHIFlood forecasting and warning in Vietnam: building a national platform for local decision support
  • Ilias Pechlivanidis, SMHI hydrological research unit  Participatory analyses to sustain the lifeline of the Ganga River Basin under future conditions; (more information about India-HYPE)
  • Barbara Schumann, Umeå University, Climate Change and Global Health Research Group– Building Urban Public Health Resilience against Climate Change Risks: A Study of Indian Cities