SSEESS aims to strengthen the collaboration between Swedish scientists and international programmes, initiatives and organisations within Global Environmental Change (GEC) research.In order to achieve this, we offer different grants and networking opportunities to researchers within humanities, and social and natural sciences who deal with all kinds of GEC issues.


The “Planning Grant for Sustainable Solutions” grant aimed to enable scientists to produce project proposals targeting one or several of the five SDSN sustainable development challenges that have high relevance to Global Environmental Change (GEC).

The “Planning Grant for Sustainable Solutions” grant


SSEESS Research Links is a grant aiming to enhance the collaboration between scientists affiliated with a Swedish research institute and scientists from developing countries who together conduct research on Global Environmental Change (GEC). This grant is expected to help such North–South collaborations to have a long legacy.

The focus areas of SSEESS Research Links can differ from year to year. When applying for a grant, therefore, make sure that you fulfil the criteria for that year.

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