Grants and more

SSEESS aims to strengthen the collaboration between Swedish scientists and international programmes, initiatives and organisations within Global Environmental Change (GEC) research.



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In order to achieve this, we offer different grants and networking opportunities to researchers within humanities, and social and natural sciences who deal with all kinds of GEC issues. Any research on biophysical environment changes caused naturally or by human activities counts as GEC research.

Current grant programmes


SSEESS Research Links (closed)
The aim of this grant is to enhance the collaboration between scientists affiliated with a Swedish research institute and scientists from developing countries who together conduct research on Global Environmental Change (GEC).

SSEESS North–South Travel Grant (closed)
The grant can be used for inviting scientists from developing countries to conferences, workshops, seminars, network-building meetings, and other relevant research and research capacity strengthening activities held in Sweden.

SSEESS Gateway Travel Support (closed)

Members of the ‘SSEESS Gateway’ are entitled to apply for travel support for participation in GEC-related international research programmes, working groups and panels.

Planning Grant for Sustainable Solutions (closed)

This grant aimed to enable scientists to produce project proposals targeting one of the five Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s challenges that have high relevance to Global Environmental Change (GEC).

Transformations to Sustainability (closed)

SSEESS financially supported two Swedish social research initiatives that were awarded within ISSC’s Transformations to Sustainability programme. By this, SSEESS aimed to strengthen networks between GEC scientists from Sweden and developing countries.

Networking opportunities


SSEESS Gateway (inactive from January 1, 2017)

The SSEESS Gateway is open to researchers who are strongly interested in working with international research programmes dealing with Global Environmental Change (GEC) issues. To become a member, you have to be affiliated with a Swedish research institute. Both junior and senior researchers are welcome to join the SSEESS Gateway.