December 5, 2014 Future Earth Strategic Research Agenda 2014 published

strategic_research_agenda_2014 Future Earth published its Strategic Research Agenda 2014 yesterday. The document calls for a step-change in research to address serious environmental, ask social and economic threats.
It urges the private sector, order governments and civil society to work with researchers to co-design and co-produce a more agile global innovation system.

The plan is the outcome of an unprecedented global consultation over the past year.




Themes and global sustainability challenges

The Strategic Research Agenda 2014 focuses on three themes:

  • understanding how the planet is changing
  • deploying integrated, interdisciplinary science to address urgent sustainable development needs
  • transforming development to be more sustainable in the long term.

The eight global sustainability challenges driving this agenda focus on:

  1. Delivering water, energy, and food for all.
  2. Decoupling carbon emissions from economic growth.
  3. Safeguarding land, freshwater and marine natural assets.
  4. Building healthy, resilient and productive cities.
  5. Promoting sustainable rural futures.
  6. Improving human health by incorporating global change concerns.
  7. Encouraging sustainable consumption and production patterns.
  8. Improving governance and early warning systems to respond to complex future threats.


A new Strategic Research Agenda will be developed and published by Future Earth every few years.