June 24, 2015 Future Earth and Regional Engagement: A Swedish Perspective


For this year’s programme, the 2015 EWACC conference brought in expertise not only from the Future Earth Core Projects iLeaps and GLP but also from Swedish research representatives from the Bolin Center for Climate Research, the Stockholm Environment Institute, and SSEESS. The conference comprised a Satellite event on “Future Earth: Opportunities and Perspectives”.

The 2015 EWACC conference

The Cyprus Institute invited SSEESS to give a presentation on “Future Earth and Regional Engagement: A Swedish Perspective” because of the knowledge about Future Earth and SSEESS’ engagement in the Sida-funded regional consultation meetings in four regions in 2012 and 2013.

After a short presentation about SSEESS, Neda Farahbakhshazad, Senior Research Officer at SSEESS, gave an insight of the history of Swedish involvement in the development of Future Earth and some outcomes of the Future Earth regional consultation meetings funded by Sida. She also discussed perspectives for collaborative action e.g. among Swedish and international funders to fund GEC research programmes relevant to the Future Earth research agenda.

The 2015 EWACC conference which was endorsed by Future Earth took place at the Cyprus Institute on 15- 17 June 2015. If you want to get detailed information about her talk, please contact Neda at neda.farahba@sseess.kva.se

About the EWACC conference

EWACC (Energy, Water and Climate Change in the Mediterranean) stands for a conference series that brings together distinguished scientists with a broad range of expertise, representatives of the private sector, primary stakeholders, policy makers and high- level officials to advance sustainable development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through a constructive dialogue. More information at www.ewacc.org