The “Planning Grant for Sustainable Solutions” grant

SSEESS-figurerWe are pleased to announce the accepted proposals.


The “Planning Grant for Sustainable Solutions” grant aimed to enable scientists to produce project proposals targeting one or several of the five SDSN sustainable development challenges that have high relevance to Global Environmental Change (GEC).

Grantees and their proposals

  • Henrikke Baumann, Chalmers University of Technology (Dept. Energy and Environment) – Sustainable urban transportation system in Kisumu, Kenya as a step towards resilient city
  • Jonas Ardö, Lund University (Dept. Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science) – Less for more or more for less? Adaptation to decreasing resource availability in the Sahel through family planning and changing agricultural systems
  • Julie Wilk, Linköping University (Tema Institute) – Tailor-made transformative tools for adaptation of direct and indirect impacts of climate change in medium-sized cities in East Africa
  • Luis Mundaca, Lund University (International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)) – Governance and management of low-carbon economies to promote sustainable economic welfare in megacities? Mumbai as case study
  • Zahra Kalantari, Stockholm University (Dept. of Physical Geography and Quaternary) – Ecosystem services supply and beneficiaries in the landscape: mapping for decision making and policy support


Project by Henrikke Baumann

Project by Jonas Ardö

Project by Julie Wilk

Project by Luis Mundaca

Project by Zahra Kalantari