March 17, 2015 From restructuring to realisation– the Belmont Forum in 2014 and beyond

The Belmont Forum is a group of high-level representatives from major funding agencies across the globe and is a member of The Science and Technology Alliance (S&T Alliance), doctor the funders of the new initiative Future Earth. Since 2011, SSEESS has been representing the Swedish funders within the SSEESS Partnership – Formas, Forte, Vetenskapsrådet, and Sida – at this forum. Following a restructuring in 2014 the Belmont Forum is currently entering an exciting new phase.

From restructuring to collaborative research actions in 2014

The International Global Funding Organisation (IGFA) and its Council of Principals the Belmont Forum decided in 2014 to merge under the common name Belmont Forum. This decision was taken during the annual Belmont Forum meeting held in Beijing beginning of October 2014. Magnus Tannerfeldt, Director at SSEESS, represented the Swedish funders at this meeting.

During 2014, the Belmont Forum announced two calls for collaborative research actions (CRAs):

  • Arctic Observing and Research for Sustainability
  • Biodiversity futures: projecting changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services for decision-making.

Overall, ten projects were rewarded within the Arctic CRA call and four projects within Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

2015 CRA calls will be within the themes of ‘Mountains as Sentinels of Change’ and ‘Climate Services’ which will be announced on the Belmont Forum website in 2015.

2015 – the interim year for the Belmont Forum

At the annual meeting in October 2015, the Belmont Forum will adopt new Terms of Reference that will govern a new and strengthened organisation. The Belmont Forum has decided to set up a fully staffed and globally distributed secretariat in spring 2015, with a new Director based in Paris. Having a secretariat will make the Belmont Forum more efficient and level up its work with the collaborative research actions (CRAs) calls and within the S & T Alliance and Future Earth.

What the Belmont Forum does

In order to meet the goals of the Belmont Challenge, delivering knowledge to support human action and adaptation to global environmental change, the Belmont Forum coordinates funding for collaborative research actions (CRAs). These high-priority research activities improve the way funding agencies collaborate with each other and develop opportunities for research.