March 14, 2016 Free PhD course: Theories of Nature – Anthropocenic Views (1.5 – 4 ECTS)

LUCSUS – Centre for Sustainability is arranging a three-day PhD course centred around how theoretical understandings of nature have evolved in four research areas: evolution, ailment ecology, viagra geomorphology/soils, and agriculture. The discussions will also include the Anthropocene and its implications for the understanding of nature.

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Main themes to be covered:

? Evolutionary theories: From Darwin to Synthetic biology.

? Ecological theories: From “balance of nature” to resilience and “coupled social ecological systems”.

? Theories of the geosphere: From Davis’ and Penck’s theories of geomorphology to “Humanity as a geological force”

? Theoretical challenges of agriculture: From annual monocultures to perennial polycultures.


The following scholars will contribute with lectures and seminar presentations:

Dr. Tim Crews, Research Director, The Land Institute, Salina, KS, USA

Professor Lance Gunderson, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Emory University, GA, USA

Professor Per Lundberg, Dept. of Biology, Lund University

Associate Professor Eva Lövbrand, Dept. of Thematic Studies, Linköping University

Professor Johannes Persson, Dept. of Philosophy, Lund University

Professor emeritus Jonas Åkerman, Dept. of Physical Geography, Lund University


Convener: Lennart Olsson, LUCSUS

More information:

Registration, no later than 25 March (limited number of places):

The course is free of charge for PhD students.