Meet a GEC researcher

What is GEC research?

Global Environmental Change (GEC) research programmes have, for almost 30 years, researched planetary-scale changes in the Earth system such as

  • land
  • ocean
  • atmosphere
  • living organisms
  • Earth-system cycles
  • deep Earth processes.

As all of these natural systems influence each other to varying degrees, GEC research often addresses complex systems, including large-scale changes in society. Today it is widely recognised that research on Earth-system sciences requires knowledge from both the natural and social sciences.

SSEESS has a lot to offer to GEC researchers

But who is a GEC researcher?


As there is such a wide range of researchers who can be seen as GEC researchers, we would like to introduce some of them in this section.


Meet a GEC researcherAll of them have got one of our grants, and we give information on which ones and which international research organisation/programme the grant relates to.

Further GEC researchers are presented in our news section “SSEESS grantees“.




Marco Armiero, KTH – Justainability: grassroots initiatives to merge social and environmental justice, ISSC

Sara Brogaard, Lund University – Sustainability of community-run hydropower development in Nepal, Future Earth

Grigory Nikulin, SMHI – Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment, CORDEX

Mine Islar, Lund University – Energy and environment: community-run hydropower development in Nepal, Future Earth

Luis Mundaca, Lund University – Management of low-carbon economies for sustainable welfare in megacities, SDSN

Genene Mulugeta, Uppsala University – Reducing risk on hazards and disasters in Africa, ICSU