Infos about SSEESS

Our info flyer informs you in brief about:

  • The SSEESS secretariat: ‘what we do’ and ‘who we are’
  • Our offers to researchers
  • Our connections to research programmes
  • Our partnership


In addition, it highlights the importance of global environmental change (GEC) research and presents what SSEESS can contribute as a Swedish link to GEC research.


SSEESS and the Swedish Future Earth hub:

Since the early days, SSEESS has been involved in the development of Future Earth in different ways. Read more about SSEESS involvement in Future Earth here.


SSEESS will also continue collaborating closely with the Future Earth programme in the future, primarily to engage Swedish researchers and stakeholders as much as possible in the programme and its results. SSEESS wants to achieve this by its grant opportunities, events, and distribution of up-to-date information about Future Earth.


Info flyer 2016

SSEESS and the Swedish Future Earth hub