About us

Our mission is to increase Sweden’s involvement in relevant international research programmes, thereby improving Swedish and Global Environmental Change (GEC) research.

Objective 1

To increase the participation of Swedish researchers in international research programmes

Objective 2

To increase the flow of information on GEC research programmes to national decision-makers and researchers

Objective 3

To improve the coordination among research funders in order to improve the use of GEC research

What is GEC research?

Global Environmental Change (GEC) research programmes have, for almost 30 years, researched planetary-scale changes in the Earth system such as

  • land
  • ocean
  • atmosphere
  • living organisms
  • Earth-system cycles
  • deep Earth processes.

As all of these natural systems influence each other to varying degrees, GEC research often addresses complex systems, including large-scale changes in society. Today it is widely recognised that research on Earth-system sciences requires knowledge from both the natural and social sciences.

Why increase Sweden’s involvement?

Rapidly changing global environmental issues require new ways of thinking, new alliances and interdisciplinary initiatives at an international level within Global Environmental Change (GEC) research.


Sweden is very keen to contribute ideas and research results to the interna­tional effort to tackle these challenges. Although scientists in Sweden are already conducting cut­ting-edge research in many relevant fields, their participation in international research program­mes and networks regarding GEC issues could be significantly increased.


Achieving increased involvement from Sweden in such programmes and panels would consequently help improve Swedish and international GEC research.


The Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences (SSEESS) is a collaborative partnership between the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, FORTE, Formas, Vetenskapsrådet, and Sida. On behalf of the members of SSEESS Partnership, the Secretariat acts as a Swedish link to Global Environmental Change Research.